Some rules are meant to be broken! 

… But not these ones! 

Please read through the Challenge rules before signing up. If your film does NOT meet this criteria then it might not be eligible for judging or to be shown in the Festival! 

This is a 48 hour film CHALLENGE! We want to see you weird short and bizarre creations. We are not expecting perfection, we are more excited to see your creativity, ingenuity and originality! Have fun!

The Rules!


  • The primary focus of your film must be physical puppetry. 
  • Individuals/teams must register for the Challenge in advance. 
  • All films entered must be original and made over the Challenge weekend 2021.
  • All films must include a TITLE CARD and CREDITS.
  • All films must state in the credits  “Made for the Bristol 48 Hour Puppet Film Challenge 2021”
  • Maximum film length is 3 minutes and 30 seconds. This time INCLUDES TITLE CARD and CREDITS. 
  • You must use royalty free or original music.
  • The use of premade puppets is allowed but we encourage original builds.
  • Entries must include the Challenge prompts -  ACTION - ITEM - THEME. 
  • Films MUST be submitted by 7pm (BST) on Sunday 29th Aug.
  • Age Awards - To qualify for these additional awards at least one team members age must fall in one of the two age categorise  - Under 15 and 16 to 21 - these are extra awards are to highlight these age groups. Any one of any age can enter the main Challenge. 
  • The Judges decisions are final
  • Be Awesome!